Super Waste Processor The solution for plastic waste and landfill

Super Waste Processor is full-blown magnetic decomposer for big volume waste

1. SWP does not burn but decomposes organic materials completely by magnetic heat.

2. AS SWP does not combust, there is no damage to the SWP body. 

SWP has a long life

3. Even though SWP decompose chemical products, it does not generate any pollutants such as CO2, dioxin, NOx, soot, ash and smoke.

4. The scrubber washes and cleans smoke with cyclone mist water.

5. No fuel required. Small electricity power consumption.

6. Because SWP decompose the organic materials perfectly, only small amount ash remains.

7. Amount of waste reduces to 1/300 - 1/500.

8. There is nothing to throw away because the ash can be utilized as the seed fire for the next waste feeding.

9. Continuous waste feeding ensures an efficient processing.

10. Core temperature is around 400 degrees Centigrade.

11. Because the structure of SWP is very simple, the equipment trouble is few and the maintenance is easy.

12. The running and maintenance expenses is very low.

13. The material that containing water need to be dried.

14. SWP can process both biodegradable plastic and non-biodegradable plastic.

15. Special sealing prevents leakage of magnetic force outside the SWP. 

16. More than 50 pcs SWP-120/180 are sold in the Southeast Asian countries in five years because it is the best practical decomposer.

17. Medical SWP-120 has a special conveyor and shredder for medical containers. 

18. Super Waste Processor is 100% made in Japan.

19. If your company wants to introduce our technology to manufacture and sell it in your country, we will gladly make an OEM contract to provide our Japanese  technology.

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Movies of Super Waste Processor

Models of Super Waste Processor

Super Waste Processor SWP-80

1. SWP-80 is a compact size and low-price model

2. Latest model has a Hi-power cyclone-mist scrubber and it can wash harmful gas thoroughly.

3. Customers are hospital, hotel, school, shopping center and small volume waste customers such as islands, national park on the mountain, lake and beach

4. Capacity a day:0.5 ~ 1.5㎥/ 1 day

New Super Waste Processor SWP-120

1. New SWP-120 is a middle range and best performance to decompose waste. Latest SWP-120 has a bigger volume inside than the previous model and has some new functions.

2. New Latest SWP-120 has a new Hi-power cyclone-mist scrubber can wash harmful gas thoroughly.

3. New Latest SWP-120 has handles on both side of the body to stir and push down waste in order to process effectively. 

4. Good for professional garbage collection service company, hotel, hospital, school, factory, Livestock industry, construction site, outdoor event, conventional center, shopping center.

5. Capacity a day:2.0 ~ 7.0㎥/1day.