Full color high-speed food printer ideal for middle class store

1 tray can be printed in only 1 minute. Compact flatbed food printer NE-420FII

1. Print size : 420X420mm with margin 3mm

2. Equipped with a special print head, it achieves high-speed printing with a maximum size of about 1 minute in the standard mode most used by users.

3. It can handle a wide range of small lots to large lots, and has two to three times processing capacity of the same class made by other companies.

4. Ideal for medium-sized stores because high-speed production is possible with easy operation

5. 7 inch LCD touch screen panel is used for the operation, and the remaining ink, cleaning. etc. can be operated without a personal computer.

6. Since the button layout is easy to understand, even beginners can easily operate it from the first day of introduction.

7. Since you can check the amount of ink of the job, you can also manage the cost of ink

8. Waste ink that is easy to forget can be laid out on the screen, so there is no need to worry about ink leakage

9. Equipped with a new mode CR Maintenance, the print head automatically moves to a fixed position during maintenance, and anyone can easily maintain.

10. Equipped with a special screwdriver, you can set the amount of ink etc. according to the sweets to "Favorite", and you can easily adjust the amount of ink from 1 % to 100%.

11. There is a special mode in the driver suitable for printing sweets with uneven surfaces.

12. The ink is the industry's first cartridge type, and since virus and germs do not enter from the outside, it is very safe in terms of hygiene. No need to fill with ink and replace easily without getting your hands dirty. Ink consumption due to cleaning is also significantly reduced.

Printed samples by NE-420FII

Movies of NE-420FII

Operation panel of NE-420FII

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