Caffe latte printer NE-100F

Food art printer that can print directly on cafelatte and cookies

1. You can draw images and messages on the latte with edible ink

2. You can print on two cups at the same time

3. You can print on beer foam and sweets

4. Mono color ink cartridge

5. About 3,500 cups can be printed.

6. You can create your original own color

7. Original cups are also available as an option.

8. Easy layout software "Label Mighty" is included as standard.


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Movies of NE-100F

NE-100F Caffe latte printer

NE-100F can directly print on foam on caffe latte and beer, cookies, and sweets.  

Stupa can be printed

NE-100F can directly print on the stupa in temple. 

Flower can be printed

NE-100F can print on the petal of flowers directly.  

Body and screen of NE-100F

Printed samples of NE-100F

Print size 110 X 208mm
Resolution   600dpi
Print speed About 10 seconds / 1cup
Height of cup 75 to 90mm, Sweets: 20mm
Ink supply method Single color ink cartridge 40ml
Print data form JPEG, Bitmap, PNG, TIFF
OS Compatible with Windows 8 or later
Power spec AC100V~240V 50/60Hz
Interface 10BASE-T/100BASE-T、USB2.0
Size W335 X D462 X H325 mm
Weight 16Kg
Label software Label Mighty