New Mind Edible Printer

New Mind printer that uses edible ink that can print product names, company logos, characters, photos, etc. in full color and vividly with high resolution on sweets such as cookies, macaroons, rice crackers, gum, cakes and steamed buns.
New mind develops and manufactures edible printer and special inks that meet customer needs, such as mass-production types that can be incorporated into existing production lines, small-lot, high mix types and edible film sheet compatible type.

High-resolution, high-speed edible flat-bed printer ideal for small stores

1. Smallest professional flatbed edible printer 

2. Direct print on cookies, macaroons and also on an edible film sheets for photo cakes.

3. Since the printer moves on the sweets fixed on the flat bed, printing misalignment does not occur and the yield is very high.

4. Print size : 210 X 297mm, thickness is 90mm

5. Resolution:1,200X1,200dpi / 600X600dpi

6. Print speed:Max speed 28seconds for 1 pass

Details of NE-200H

High-Productivity, High-resolution, high-speed edible flat-bed printer ideal for middle class stores

1. Print size : 420 X 420mm, thickness 90mm

2. Resolution : 1,200X1,200dpi / 600X600dpi

3. Print speed : Max speed 58seconds for 1 pass 

Details of NE-420FII

High-speed professional edible line printer capable of printing high-resolution and clear gradations

1. It is possible to print 12,000pcs of sweets with a diameter of 55mm per hour

2. By integrating a PC, monitor and printer, operation is very easy to operate on a large screen

3. Equipped with an automatic cleaning function for easy maintenance

4. Height of print:Min 2mm/ Mx50~100mm

5. Max print width:105.9mm

6. Resolution:1,200X1,200dpi

7. Print speed:Min 7m/min to Max 12m/min


Small edible printer to print mono color on a foam of cafelatte, beer, milk, and sweets such as cookies or macaroons.

1. Print size : 110 X 208 mm

2. Resolution :600X600dpi

3. Print speed : App 10 seconds per cup

Details of NE-100